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Toni’s Top Ten Tips Tip #6: Eat Properly Combined Foods!

The principles of proper food combining have been around for a VERY long time! Actually, since the time of Moses!


Yes … MOSES!

The ancient Israelites were actually fully committed ECOTARIANS! Meaning … their diet consisted of mostly fruits and vegetables … all of which there were no proper food combining laws or restrictions! WHY?

Because fruits and vegetables are the foods that we were originally created to eat! It was only until after the Flood of Noah that animal food was permitted, […]

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Toni’s Top Ten Tips Tip #5: Eat Lots of Greens

Combine a high fruit diet with lots of leafy greens and what do you get? A highly charged, electrical, healthy, fit, alkaline body that will keep you going on and on and on and on!!!

Greens are rich in chlorophyll! Chlorophyll is the chemical compound that collects light and uses the light to make energy in plants!

While the benefits of chlorophyll in your diet are HUGE, here’s just a few:

NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT? A study released in September of 2013 determined […]

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Toni’s Top Ten Tips Tip #4: Eat Right For Your Anatomical Type!

While most vegans and vegetarians think that we are herbivores by design, we are not! Our biological and anatomical design suggests that we are frugivores!


I’m supposed to eat noting but fruit?

Yes and No! While the notion of being “a fruit eater” may be an extremely radical viewpoint for most, it is imperative to be open to the possibility that that’s how we were originally designed and that we were forced to physiologically adapt over eons from our original diet—the diet […]

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Toni’s Top Ten Tips Tip #3: Eat Organic or Biodynamic Foods

While most of us are familiar with the term “organic,” most of us aren’t familiar with the term “Biodynamic!” So today, I am so excited to be sharing with you my passion about Biodynamic foods VERSES organic foods.

These two ways of growing definitely vary in the way they’re regulated and certified.

(See the Differences between NOP organic and Demeter Biodynamic here.) Organic is a term used for foods that have been grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, and with non-GMO […]

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Toni’s Top Ten Tips Tip #2: Eat Raw, Living Foods

One of the fastest ways to alkalize your internal environment and experience a perfect state of health and wellbeing is to eat a diet high in raw, living foods. Raw, living foods are replete with enzymes and alkaline minerals, which are responsible for generating electrical potential, a key factor in achieving a perfect state of health and wellbeing.

Electricity allows your nervous system to send signals to your brain, signals that are actually electrical charges that are delivered from cell to cell, allowing for nearly instantaneous communication. […]

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Toni’s Top Ten Tips Tip #1: Eat Whole Foods


While analyzing some of the most popular diets of our time, I was stunned to find the big fat acidifying, clogging truth about each one of them. Most believe that being a vegetarian, vegan, or raw foodist is enough to be healthy—just because they aren’t eating meat or cooking their food. At one time, I even thought so. But I was wrong, which is why I had […]

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The Internal Acid Rain Theory

What the heck is internal acid rain? In doing these blogs, my heart’s desire is to reveal the purpose and power of food and why I feel that eating the right types of food ~ foods that will alkalize your internal environment ~ is one of the most important things you can do to not only awaken, but to empower, the innate intelligence that lives within us all. This intelligence is a very subtle, yet powerful force that holds the […]

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