Why Join The Ecotarian Revolution?

While some hold the belief that a revolution is a rebellious act, in this instance it is more of a “re-evolution” – a transformation that occurs when a person evolves back to the state they were always meant to exist in. It is a commitment to an outcome, and although the process may not be easy at first, the result makes the effort worthwhile: like going through labor in order to birth your true self.

In essence, The Ecotarian Revolution is a means to leave the “caterpillar” stage of life behind. It is an evolution from the belief we are merely physical bodies predestined to a life of disease and death, to the knowledge that we are spiritual beings intrinsically connected to all that we once felt was outside us. It is the end of seeing ourselves as separate. It is the understanding that we are one in the same with God who is here, with us, breathing us; the planet; and everyone and everything on it. Lastly, The Ecotarian Revolution is the method by which you can evolve back into your true, healthy, harmonious and balanced self.

The only question that remains is: Are you ready?