I want to wish all of you who have chosen to become an Ecotarian the Happiest New Year Ever!

To kick off the New Year, I am starting a series of video blogs called How to Eat, Blend, Juice and Breathe Your Way to Wellness. It’s the program I used some 33 years ago to turn my personal health crisis around.

This series will begin with an in-depth understanding of the power of your breath and how it holds the power to shift you out of the illusion of separation; that somehow you are separate from God, nature, and those around you. With this understanding, you will then become more and more open to the vast understanding of the purpose and power of food.

I am so excited about bringing this “new” message to help you create the “new you” for this “new year!”

I’d like to begin with this short video of when and how I lost my connection with God, nature, and everything and everyone around me. My heartfelt prayer is that it will help to spark a remembrance in you ~ a remembrance that will provoke a great change!

Click here!

If this video has touched you in anyway, please share it with your friends and family, anyone you think might be ready to become an ECOTARIAN and join the ECOTARIAN REVOLUTION!

With all of my love,

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