Our planet is shifting; we are shifting. Climate change
and a possible pole shift are but two signs that a great
change is upon us all. What that change is, most of us
are unsure. What we do know is that something is happening.
The time has come—we must wake up to the fact that our
physical body and our planetary body are interconnected
and to change our planet’s destructive course, we must
first change ourselves. True healing always begins from
the inside out…not the other way around!

Born and raised in a small town outside of Louisville, Kentucky, Toni grew up knowing her connection to the earth, to nature, and to the Creator of it all. As a child, her summers were spent running barefoot and carefree in her grandparent’s green fields, eating her heirloom tomatoes off the vine or a raw carrot out of the dirt. But one day, her magical world was lost; a new technology had been born. The lush green fields that she once played and ate her food in became clouded over with chemical dust. She was warned that it was no longer safe to run barefoot in the fields or eat her food from the vine or soil. This poisonous technology had destroyed her once safe, magical world and transformed it into a toxic field—a field too toxic to hold a playful child.

As the years passed, Toni’s connection to the earth, to nature, and to the Creator of it all faded and she became very ill. The physicians studying her case determined that she had an unidentifiable viral/bacterial infection that was threatening her life. After days of being held in an isolation room with a declining white blood count and given the strongest antibiotic drips, it became obvious that traditional medicine was failing her. But then one night, Toni had an angelic visitation. She was told the infectious “germ” wasn’t her problem; that her real problem was the sense that she was separate from the earth, nature, and God and that if she would simply focus on her breath, the breath of God who breathed her into existence, she would discover that separation was an illusion and thus, she would live. Well, that’s exactly what happened. The next morning, Toni’s white blood count was almost normal.

That day a friend suggested that Toni check herself out of man’s hospital and into nature’s hospital so that nature could heal her from the inside out. And so she did. After ninety days of consuming a plant-based, whole food, raw diet along with taking specific herbs to remove the accumulated toxic waste out of her body from years of eating a diet high in unnatural foods, not only did she experience aliveness like never before, she also discovered her destiny.

Toni’s desire to understand more about how we thrive and how we die has taken her all around the world. Over the years, she traveled extensively, visiting and studying at various holistic healing centers including the world-renowned Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland. It was there that Toni discovered the master key. This key has its foundation on the condition of our body’s internal environment. Much like the environment of our planet, if our internal environment is alkaline, pristine, and replete with oxygen, we are healthy and thrive. On the other hand, if our environment is acid, toxic, and oxygen deprived, we become diseased and die—just like the planet! She truly discovered there literally is no separation!


Toni Toney has been an environmental activist, nutritional researcher, and organic food activist for over 30 years, teaching and speaking to large audiences around the world. Her passion for “clean eating” and “green living” led her to start a non-profit foundation in 1988 called Organic Food For Life with the goal of educating farmers as to the importance of organic growing versus commercial growing; not only for us, but for the planet at large.

In 1989, Toni started a catering company called Miss Sprouts which specialized in delivering organic whole food lunches laced with various types of sprouts to local businesses as well as dinners to families whose fast-paced lifestyles demanded the convenience of whole food gourmet dinners being delivered to their door. Miss Sprouts grew so fast that she couldn’t keep up with it and so in 1991 she started an organic salad/juice bar restaurant called VegiTable. It became a giant hit. Toni was written up in Vegetarian Times Magazine several times and the response for franchises was overwhelming. Toni’s intention was to have a healthy fast-food restaurant on every corner across the nation. She was on a crusade to change the way Americans were eating and joined hands with others who were driven by the same passion.

Toni worked with Neal D. Barnard, MD, New York Times best-selling author and president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine in Washington, D.C. with great enthusiasm to help change the four food groups in Congress; one whose basis is meat and dairy to one whose basis is beans and grains. Toni spent months campaigning for the committee at local hospitals, doctors’ offices, through newspaper articles, television and radio spots and had over 600 attendees at her sponsored event, with standing room only.

Toni is a newly published author of The Ecotarian Diet with several other books soon to be published (1) The Ecotarian Cookbook, (2) The Ecotarian Detox, and (3) Tales of an Ecotarian Kid. She is also the founder of Ecotarian University where she teaches a 7-day certification course for people who are interested in delving into the depths of their internal environment and coaching others to do the same. After the Ecotarian Movement has been set in motion, she will be launching a very innovative magazine called Ecotarian Times.