“The time is now to go green and get lean! Reset your life and
metabolism with Toni Toney and her Ecotarian Diet and food
revolution! Sustainable living has never been more delicious!
Toni guides us by demonstrating the acidity of our chemivore,
drugivore, and junkivore past and then takes us through to
our alkaline, happy, fresh, food future.”

David “Avocado” Wolfe, author of Eating For Beauty,
Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future,
and Longevity Now

“As a chef to some of the world’s most powerful and influential
people in the world, my goal is to not just make my cuisine an
artful gourmet delight, but to make sure my clients are
consuming the healthiest food possible. When I first met Toni,
within minutes of our first conversation, it was clearly confirmed
that she is a true expert in the health and wellness field—actually,
one of the best in the world. I recommend her book to all of my
clients because it does an amazing job of clarifying many of the
myths and misconceptions about health and diet, as well as
provides a simple-to-follow path to live and thrive in a more
environmentally conscious way.”

Nicolas Torrent, Former Chef to Gisele Bündchen
and Tom Brady, and Founder of the Juice Lab

“Our children are one of our most cherished resources. Many
parents would like to provide their children with the best food
and environment in order to feed their unique potential. Thank
you to Toni Toney for addressing the children, which presents
information for a healthy lifestyle in such a simple way. Both
kids and parents will be able to make informed and inspired
choices for themselves and our precious planet.”

Gisele Bündchen, Super Model, Actress, Producer, and
Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations
Environment Program

“Not only can a vegan diet add years to your life, eating clean
and green as Toni describes in The Ecotarian Diet, can
revolutionize your palate and the planet. Toni shows reader
countless ways to eat better and with her fresh and delicious
vegan recipes you will soon make The Ecotarian Diet a
permanent fixture in your kitchen.”

Dr. Neal Barnard, M.D., President of the Physicians
Committee for Responsible Medicine and New York
Times Best-selling Author

“After contemplating Toni Toney’s internal acid rain theory,
I performed a number of spinal taps on Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s
and multiple scleroses patients, as the cerebral spinal fluid is,
in effect, the brain’s water supply and should have a pH value
of approximately 7.4. When I tested the cerebrospinal fluid’s pH,
to my amazement, she was right: it was approximately 5.5—the
pH of environmental acid rain. Further dietary research is
justified to see if shifting the pH of the brain terrain will provide
clues in turning these devastating diseases around. From the
evidence I now see I am optimistic.”

-Dr. Lorne Label, M.D., M.B.A, F.A.A.N. and
Associate Clinical Professor of Neurology, David
Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

“I have been fortunate to sit at Toni’s consecrated raw
food table several times. This divine delivery was always
astonishing and I felt the light being released in me. I felt
the presence happening through me. What a gift she has
and it is for the rest of us to enjoy. It is a true bliss celebration
and she takes you to a higher frequency while saturating your soul!”

-Sondra Ray, Mother of Rebirthing

“The Ecotarian Diet is a must-read standout in a crowded
field of books on food and health. With this book you get
more than just the facts you need to regain and maintain
an optimized condition of health. What you will understand
is the fundamental truth that lies at the core of existence—you
create your own reality, inside and out. Take this trip with
Toni and she will lead you into the realization that our planet’s
environmental crisis is a reflection of our own environmental
crisis … we are not separate things. This alone is reason enough
to read this book.”

-Thomas Campbell, physicist, author of My Big TOE

“A fabulously written book that provides everything we need
to know to significantly improve our health. From my own
experience and studies, I can testify that the information in
this book is accurate, well researched, and extremely significant.
It provides numerous missing links that are much needed in the
Western World today.  If everyone in America followed the
suggestions in this book, the American people would once again
become the healthiest people on Earth.” 

-Rich Anderson ND, author of Cleanse & Purify Thyself

“A captivating and inspiring book into why we must make
wiser food choices. Toni has masterfully painted colorful
images to help us better understand what creates health
and a state of wellbeing for ourselves as well as our planet
at large. The wisdom you’ll find contained within these many
pages took her decades to attain. In following her guidance,
you may save your life, the life of someone you love, and the
life of our planet. I have dined at Toni’s Table and can personally
verify that the food she serves is delectably satisfying and will
nourish both your body and soul. Thanks, Toni, for putting it all

-Michael Ryce, ND, author of Why Is This
Happening To Me…AGAIN?!