A new world is about to be born!
-Toni Toney

is it possible to become immune to almost everything?

Yes it is!

Most of us are unaware that we have two immune systems—a physical immune system and a spiritual immune system. Our spiritual immunity is regulated by a powerful life force that influences every experience we have—a power that has the potential to make you immune to almost everything!

Your spiritual immunity is governed by your spiritual self—a power and presence within you that knows how to heal you when you’re sick or remove any obstacle that could be standing in your way between success or failure, or between a healthy, happy life or a sad, sick one?

Connecting with your spiritual self is like connecting with your source of power. The less you connect, the weaker and more drained you become by life’s experiences. The more you connect, the stronger you become. When you develop a connection with your spiritual self, a powerful armor forms around you… an armor that protects, provides and shields you against any type of potential threat.

The key is to understand how to tap into this power. The I’mmune Cleanse book reveals how!


Moon Cycles




Moon Cycles



The Book

The time has come to fast, forgive and pray, so you can become immune to almost everything!

During this archetypal time of both an infectious pandemic and a great spiritual awakening, it is more important to purify our bodies, minds and souls than ever before.

Some are calling the times we’re living in the Great Awakening; others are calling it the end of the world; but whatever it is, an event of biblical proportions is upon us.

The battle of Armageddon has begun. The final war between good and evil is not only taking place upon the streets of our cities, but a war that is also taking place upon the streets of our minds. The end of the world as we know it is passing away. A new world is about to be born.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • How to prepare your body, mind and soul for the Great Awakening
  • How to use the new-moon phase to become a free, sovereign soul
  • How to use the power of your breath to shift into the new world
  • How to exercise your faith to live in the realm of the miraculous

What’s inside


Chapter 1

From Plagues to the Miraculous


Chapter 2

The Power of Moon Cycles


Chapter 3

Death by Pollution


Chapter 4

Fasting, Forgiveness and Prayer


Chapter 5

The Immune Cleanse


Chapter 6

Following the Cleanse

Chapter 1

From Plagues to the Miraculous

We are definitely living in unprecedented times! A sense of unrest like we have never felt before is sweeping around the globe. Wars and rumors of wars! Infectious diseases! Plagues! Pandemics! Caused by an invisible world of microscopic viruses and bacteria, infectious diseases have ravaged humanity throughout eons of time, often changing the course of history, and at times, signaling the end of entire civilizations.

One of the earliest stories of plague is told in the book of Exodus. This is the story of the Israelites, their bondage and slavery in Egypt at the hands of the ruling Pharaoh, and their deliverance by God through His servant Moses. In this great story, we witness the Pharaoh’s hardened heart as he refused to release the Israelites from slavery. Moses warned Pharaoh that God would smite Egypt if he did not release them. But Pharaoh didn’t listen.

Ten plagues swept throughout the land of Egypt—all because of Pharaoh’s hardened heart and his unwillingness to set the children of Israel free. But finally, after the death of his firstborn son, Pharaoh saw that the god of Moses was more powerful than the gods he worshipped, so he reluctantly released them.

Moses then led the children of Israel out of Egypt through a dismal wilderness towards the Promised Land, but soon after they left, Pharaoh had a change of heart and sent his army after them. The Israelites became fearful and lost faith. Trapped between the army behind them and the sea ahead of them, Moses, through the power of the great I AM THAT I AM, parted the waters of the Red Sea and the Israelites safely crossed over. Thus, their faith in the god of Moses was restored.

As I was contemplating this great story one day, I began to realize that throughout the ages, nothing has really changed… other than the characters, locations, and the types of pandemics that have circled our globe. The questions that came to me were… could the story of Exodus still be playing out in our psyches; that there really isn’t a past or future? Could it be that we are still living in an Egyptian consciousness, enslaved by a ruling Pharaoh-type hierarchy, smitten by Egyptian-type plagues, unable to free ourselves? Could it be that there are hidden allegorical gems within this great story to show us how to once again become a sovereign people, governed by a divine intelligence, united under God, and free from the bondage of fear, sickness and disease; free to become all we were created to be?

As I viewed the entirety of the story through allegorical eyes, I could see that each character in the story of Exodus represents an archetypal quality that, throughout eons of time, continues to be played out in our minds. My question then became… how do we break the bonds of slavery and free ourselves?

Pharaoh and Moses

Our journey begins by exploring Exodus’s two main characters: Pharaoh and Moses. Rather than merely seeing them as historical characters, let’s look at them as a portrayal of two opposing aspects of the human mind, and how they’re being played out in our world today.

Pharaoh characterizes the Ego-Mind—the part of the mind that sees everything and everyone through the eyes of the physical world, thus seeing through the eyes of separation, which creates a “false self” identity. Once caught up in the “false self” identity, a self-centeredness takes hold whose focus is on self-interest, material gain and greed. This “false self” identity has Edged God Out—EGO—and, therefore, needs to be in control. Simply put, the word ego is the Latin word for I. It’s the “me-my-I” attitude that not only separates us from the mind of God and each other, it creates fear, pride, envy, lust, greediness, gluttony, rage, which ultimately spins us into sickness, disease and death!

The Ego-Mind, caught up in the third dimensional physical reality with its “false self” identity, might tell you…

I AM physical.
I AM my body.
I AM my name.
I AM a mother.
I AM a father.
I AM a vegan.
I AM a doctor.
I AM a lawyer.
I AM an actor.
I AM a democrat.
I AM a republican.
I AM a liberal.
I AM a Jew.
I AM a Gentile.
I AM a Muslim.
I AM black.
I AM white.
I AM Asian.
I AM American.
I AM male.
I AM female.

These false self-identities are choking off the truth of who and what we truly are! They keep us all enslaved to our beliefs, dividing us, creating division and wars with one another, keeping us caught up in our ego’s need to be right! Our greatest challenge is to break free from the Pharaoh-type Ego-Mind—the mind that hardens our heart and creates our suffering—the mind that has held us enslaved for way too long!

Moses characterizes the Spirit-Mind—the part of the mind that sees everything and everyone through the eyes of the Spiritual world, thus seeing through the eyes of oneness, which creates a “selfless” identity. Because it lives in the non-physical world, it is beyond time; it is selfless, its eye is single, and only focuses on “we” and what’s good for the whole. It’s the Spirit-Mind’s “we-us-ours” attitude that creates love, goodwill, compassion, peace, patience, kindness, and faith, which ultimately creates health and a long prosperous life on Earth as it is in Heaven!

The Spirit-Mind, caught up in the fifth dimensional spiritual world with its “selfless” identity, tells you…

I AM Pure Spirit.
I AM one with the Spirit of God.
I AM a co-creator with Spirit.

I AM one with all of creation.
I AM creating the world I see.
I AM a servant of humanity.

I AM you and you are me!
I AM eternal!
I AM free!

Because Spirit doesn’t live in time, the Spirit-Mind can only speak in the present moment, as though what you’re speaking, silently or audibly, has already happened! Knowing and practicing these attitudes on a moment-by-moment basis will, therefore, set you free from the Ego-Mind’s “self-serving” clutches and change the course of your life forever!

Egypt and the Promised Land

Our journey continues by exploring Egypt and the Promised Land. Rather than merely seeing them as historical places, let’s begin to see them as an archetypal portrayal of two opposing “lands” located within the human body.

Egypt is located within the upper and lower region of our abdomen, better known as the gut. It represents the place within us where the Ego-Mind (Pharaoh) resides… the place where the “me-my-I” ego needs to be in control… the place where the still small voice of Spirit cannot be heard… the place where we are driven by the third dimensional physical world of greed and material gain… the place where we are overcome with an insatiable appetite that can never be satisfied… the place where fear and the “plagues of Egypt” take place… the place where our souls remain in bondage. Thus, the maxim “death begins in the colon!”

The Promised Land is located within the region of the heart. It represents the place within us where the Spirit-Mind resides… the place where the “we-us-our” voice of Spirit can be heard… the place of the all-knowing whose focus is only on love and the matters of the heart… the place where the great I AM THAT I AM comes forth within us to free our souls from the fear-driven slavery of the Ego-Mind… the place where Spirit helps us to “cross over” the Red Sea so we can live a long, healthy, prosperous life within the Promised Land of the heart. Thus, the maxim “blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God!”

Crossing the Red Sea

The Red Sea is represented by our blood. Blood is not only a rich, scarlet soup that removes metabolic wastes, transports oxygen and nutrients, and conveys hormonal messages from one cell to another, it is life itself! Thus, another maxim “life is in the blood!” Some religious sects believe that the blood of animals should never be eaten for this reason; that the blood is the seat of the soul and Spirit. Some believe that blood radiates light, which connects the physical body to Spirit, serving as a gateway between the physical and spiritual worlds. Others believe the blood is the place where our souls can once again become free!

Because blood is made up of mostly water and water has long been known to store memory, it can be viewed as a place where our consciousness lives, our thoughts are formed, then stored. The crossing of the Red Sea (blood), therefore, signifies our redemption, deliverance and liberation from the enslavement of the belief that we are merely a physical body whose director is the Ego-Mind. The parting of the Red Sea, therefore, represents the thinning of the blood which lifts the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds and frees our soul. In crossing the Red Sea, there is the promise of new life.

When the two become one—the body and spirit—you will never taste disease or death again.

The Wilderness is the place within us where the Ego-Mind and the Spirit-Mind are in a tug of war. This is where our faith may begin to waiver, where we feel like we might never be free from the grip of the Ego-Mind that keeps our souls in bondage to fear, disease and death. Living in the Promised Land of the heart seems more like a dream than a reality. We wander around in the wilderness of life, being tossed backwards and forwards between these two dynamic opposing forces, until the moment in time comes when we are ready to surrender ourselves completely to the power of Spirit—the great I AM THAT I AM who lives within each of us!

This journey marks our personal Passover—a journey from plagues to the miraculous—an Apocalyptic journey that lifts the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds—a journey that marks the end of the world as we know it and the entrance into a transcendent world of our true selves!

The time has come. The time to PASSOVER is now. The Immume Cleanse is how!

About the author

TONI TONEY is a truth traveler. She spent years traveling throughout the landscape of ancient Greece—from the historic sites of the seven churches of early Christianity to the sacred heart of Rumi and the whirling dervishes in Turkey, to the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, to the revelations of St. John on the island of Patmos, to joining hands with Hippocrates, the father of medicine, on the island of Kos in Greece, she discovered seven truths hidden behind seven veils of lies; veils that could only be lifted during the time of the end… the time of the GREAT AWAKENING!

Toni is multifaceted in her authorship. She is the author of The Ecotarian Diet: A Sustainable Way of Eating for Your Body and Your Planet; The Ecotarian Kids and the BIG FOUR; The I’mmune Cleanse: Fasting, Moon Cycles and the Great Awakening; and her soon to be published book of prayers and poetry—The Longing: One Woman’s Search to Find True Love

  • Toni’s knowledge on health and the body is invaluable. I am forever grateful for meeting her and learning the ways for a healthier life in every way!

    – Jenna Dewan, America Actress, Former Model, and Dancer

  • The Immune Cleanse is a thoughtful, scientifically researched, journey to improve one’s mind, body and spiritual health. This blend touches on cutting edge science of brain immunology with mindfulness, breathing and dietary techniques. There is positiveness in each page to enrich all aspects of the soul. This insightful journey with Toni Toney teaches how to change one’s life.

    – Dr. Lorne Label, Neurologist

  • This book is powerful! The knowledge of fasting during the seven-day new moon phase is both unique and needed in today’s toxic world. Bless you, Toni Toney, for bringing back the lost knowledge of Luna, the moon of planet Earth, in this most amazing book!

    – Don Tolman, the Real Food Medicine Man

  • This book is not just about some new fad diet. It’s about our original diet as humans and what our diet should be now and in the future. It’s about “you are what you eat” and putting your personal health in the number one spot because without it, no matter what material wealth you have, you have nothing.

    – Smokey Robinson, Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer, and C-Founder of Motown

  • Toni’s unique message of sustainability for our bodies and our planet is literally required in today’s toxic environment. Toni guides us on an in-depth journey of how our physical bodies are interconnected with our world and how we are both suffering from an environmental crisis. Join us today in a revolutionary movement whose time has come!

    David “Avocado” Wolfe, Author, alternative medicine and superfood spokesperson

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