Each phase of the moon carries with it very diverse waves of energy; waves that not only influence the rise and fall of the earth’s oceans and seas, but waves that also influence the rise and fall of our body’s “inner seas;” a rise and fall that has a subtle, yet profound influence on our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual existence. By understanding how each phase affects our lives, especially the new moon phase, we will have in our hands a master key; a key that reveals a long-lost ancient knowledge of how to harness the transformational power of the new moon phase; a key that lifts the veil between our physical and spiritual existence.

Fasting on an array of colorful plant foods for seven days during the new moon phase, not only has the power to cleanse toxic wastes and limiting beliefs out of our bodies and minds, it also has the power to prepare our physical bodies for the shift of the ages—the shift into the new world that’s about to be born.

The only question that remains is … are you ready?

  • This book is powerful! The knowledge of fasting during the seven-day new moon phase is both unique and needed in today’s toxic world.

    – Don Tolman, the Real Food Medicine Man

The Ecotarian Diet

Being an Ecotarian is far more than being a vegan, a vegetarian, or a raw foodist. Ecotarians eat for the sustainability of their body and their planet. Their motto is to DO NO HARM… to our bodies, our planet or each other.

Ecotarians realize that we have done incomprehensible harm to our planet; that her sustainability is being threatened; that almost every second we are being asked to come face-to-face with yet another apocalyptic tide that could change the very face of planet Earth.

  • Being Ecotarian is not just about some new fad diet. It's about our original diet as humans and what our diet should be now and in the future.

    Smokey Robinson

The Ecotarian Kids

The Ecotarian Kids & The BIG FOUR book will spark the hearts of children to breathe clean air, soak in sunrays, drink lots of water, and eat healthy foods from the earth. The BIG FOUR—Air Cloud, Fire Sun, Water Drop, and Earth Momma—are fun and inspirational … and best of all, your children will love them!

Today, it is more important than ever to consider the sustainability of our planet. Breathing clean air, drinking clean water, eating clean foods and getting lots of pure sunlight is the key to living a long, healthy sustainable life. Our children’s future depends on how environmentally conscious we are today!

  • Ecotarian Kids & the BIG FOUR is a fun book that teaches our children how interconnected they are with Mother Earth and her four elements.

    Grace Hightower De Niro