Toni is multifaceted in her authorship. She is the author of The Ecotarian Diet: A Sustainable Way of Eating for Your Body and Your PlanetThe Ecotarian Kids and the BIG FOURThe Immune Cleanse: Fasting, Moon Cycles and the Great AwakeningNew Earth Prophecies: The Lost Secrets that Reveal Your True Self; and her soon to be published book of prayers and poetry—The Longing: One Woman’s Search to Find True Love

I’m Toni Toney.

I am a truth traveler. I have traveled the world for over 33 years in search of truths long hidden; truths that eventually opened my eyes as to how the human body thrives and how it dies; truths that opened a very sacred doorway within me—a doorway that eventually led to a spiritual awakening that transformed me forever; a doorway that opened me up to my Authentic Self.

From the Paracelsus Clinic in Lustmühle, Switzerland to joining hands with Hippocrates, the father of medicine, on the island of Kos in Greece, I discovered the reason as to why I had almost died of a viral/bacterial infection, and why the medical establishment of our times had no cure for me. After discovering how Hippocrates healed the sick through food and fasting cures, I went on another quest to discover how we thrive and how we die, spiritually.

From the historical wailing wall in Israel; to the sites of the seven churches of early Christianity; to the sacred heart of Rumi and the whirling dervishes in Turkey; to the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul; to the revelations of St. John on the island of Patmos, while meditating in the Cave of the Apocalypse, I discovered seven apocalyptic veils of spiritual untruths that had long been placed over the eyes of humanity—veils that could only be lifted during the time of the end—the time of the Great Awakening! 

That time is now!

About My

new Book

New Earth Prophecies is a unique book. It reveals ancient secrets of how to prepare our physical bodies for the shift of the ages. It starts with the premise that the world is changing at a pace faster than ever witnessed in history, and that our physical bodies have to be ready to shift from the third dimensional physical reality into the fifth dimensional spiritual reality and beyond during these apocalyptic times. Since Toni’s near-death experience about 33 years ago, she has experienced many angelic appearances that prophesized the times we’re living in and the secrets to help us shift our physical bodies with Spirit in a way that frees us from the plagues of the physical world.

Some are calling the times we’re living in the Great Awakening; others are calling it the end of the world; but whatever it is, an event of biblical proportions is unfolding in front of very eyes.

The Great Apocalypse is upon us all! We must prepare ourselves! The end of the world as we have known is passing away. A new world is about to be born.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • How to prepare your physical body for the shift of the ages
  • How to use the power of your breath to shift into the new world
  • How to breathe disease and death out of your body
  • How to exercise your faith to live in the realm of the miraculous

Chapter 1

The Prophecies

The shift of the ages is upon us all

Most of us are sensing an uneasiness, unsure of what our future holds, as though something big is about to take place. Apocalyptic rumors are preoccupying people’s minds on seemingly every continent. Some are calling the times we’re living in the shift of the ages, while others are calling it the end of the world; but whatever it is, an event of biblical proportions is taking place.

It was a few decades ago that I began receiving prophecies; prophecies that I believe are unfolding in front of our very eyes!

This is how the prophecies began…

I awakened startled. It was the middle of the night. Hovering above me was a golden halo of light I watched as it twisted itself into the wings of an angelic being. The brilliant colors that emanated around her were beyond anything I had ever seen.

Words of prophecy were spoken…

You are frightened. Have no fear. For what I have come to tell you is already known by you and all who have been given this precious breath of life.

The breath that breathes your physical body… it’s a miracle. You have simply taken it for granted because you fail to remember who and what you truly are. And if you fail to purify yourself, and pierce through this thick dense veil of illusion, you will surely die.

So prepare yourself, for the end is coming soon.

But you must remember… there is no end to this end. It is simply the beginning of that which never ends. For each end that you reach is but a little death, which are merely stepping stones to the ultimate death of who and what you think you are.

And as your feet follow along this very narrow and arduous path, you will feed on hidden manna and be given many new names.

Behold! The Book of Seven Seals is about to be opened. But the greatest mystery of all is this…

Your physical body is the Book of Seven Seals to be opened in the last days. The time has come! The time to prepare yourself for the shift of the ages is now!

I watched, mesmerized, as the angelic presence took a long inhalation and dissolved itself back into the dark of the night.

My mind scrambled, attempting to make sense of it all! My physical body is the Book of Seven Seals? To be opened in the last days? Prepare it for what and how? I had absolutely NO idea what any of this meant!

Several weeks later, however, the end-time mystery started to come together, piece-by-piece, like a giant, mysterious prophetic puzzle.

I woke up in a feverish sweat, unable to walk, and was rushed to a nearby hospital. After a series of blood tests, the doctors admitted me to an isolation room due to a dangerously low white-blood-cell count. For days, despite rounds of the strongest intravenous antibiotics available, my white-blood-cell count continued to drop.

Even the most highly acclaimed immunologists studying my case had no clue to the cause and, therefore, no cure for my problem. They simply blamed my declining white-blood-cell count on some mysterious antibiotic-resistant bug that was attempting to take my life.

After seven days, my family was called in and we received the worst possible news. I was at a tipping point; if my white-blood-cell count didn’t go up by morning, I was most likely going to die. Tears streamed down my face with the thought of leaving my two children. My son was six and my daughter was only four; they were much too young to lose their mother, so I began praying to my Creator for help. I had to live—if not for me, for my children!

As the stillness of the night wrapped itself around me, I closed my eyes and for the first time ever, I became unusually aware of my breath as it moved in and out of my nostrils. Then, something mystical happened!

The same angelic golden halo of light appeared above me. We began having some sort of sense-felt telepathic communication…

I’m dying and they have no cure for me, I said.

The angelic presence replied, how can they possibly have a cure when they don’t understand your real problem?

So what’s my real problem? I asked.

The belief that you’re separate from your Creator, from nature, and from everything and everyone around you.

If you will remain focused upon your breath—the Spirit of your Creator who breathed you into physical existence—you will live!

And so, I did. I closed my eyes and dropped deeper and deeper and became even more connected to my breath. The more connected I became, the more visceral the realization that it was truly the Spirit of my Creator who was breathing me!

With each visceral breath I took, it was as though my physical body was dissolving itself… just like the angelic presence had done several weeks before. It was as though I was suspended between time and space… as though I had no physical body… as though my body had become pure Spirit… as though it had truly become Spirit-filled!

Then, I opened my eyes and watched as the angelic presence began dissolving back into the dark of night. As it did, the angelic presence delivered another prophetic message…

The Spirit of all Creation who breathes your physical body is the answer to everything you seek. Love it; honor it, and be grateful for it with all of your heart, mind and soul.

If you will, the two will become one—the body and Spirit—and you’ll never taste disease or death again!

Then poof, the angelic presence was gone.

The next morning, I awoke as though a part of me had died and a new me had been reborn. The world as I had always known was passing away. I would never and could never be the same.

After another series of blood tests, my primary physician walked into my room with the results…

I have no idea what happened during the night, but your white blood cell count is normal!

Needless to say, everyone was ecstatic. But deep inside, I knew that what appeared to be the end of a miraculous story, was just the beginning of a journey yet to come. Every joint in my body hurt.

As fate would have it, a longtime friend stopped by to see me. After I shared with him the miracle I had experienced the night before, he began sharing with me that he, too, once had a brush with death and experienced what others called a miracle.

But it wasn’t the Spirit of all Creation that had miraculously healed him, it was his return to nature and natural foods. He had simply stopped eating a diet high in processed foods, meat and dairy, and turned to nature and a more natural diet to heal himself. In essence, he had shifted his Standard American Diet (SAD) to a diet high in organic plant foods.

He spoke to me about how Hippocrates (460-370 BC) the father of medicine, healed the sick by using food as medicine instead of drugs, the art of fasting and cleansing herbs to flush out toxic wastes, lots of sunlight and structured spring water, and hypnosis to heal the mind. After following Hippocrates healing regime for several months, he experienced his miracle!

As he was leaving, he stared at my IV bag with a blank look as it dripped antibiotics into my bloodstream and strongly suggested that I check myself out of man’s hospital and into nature’s hospital so nature and natural foods could heal me from the inside out!

And, so I did. Three months later, I had experienced my second miracle— no more pain! I, too, had followed Hippocrates’ advise and had juiced, blended, eaten, fasted and cleansed my way back to wellness!

Years passed. It was days after the 1994 earthquake in Los Angeles, California. The same angelic golden halo of light appeared above me in the dark of night, awakening me out of a deep sleep with yet another prophetic message…

Your mission is to get the physical bodies ready, there’s a change coming!

Half asleep, I asked, what?

The angelic presence responded…

Your mission is to get the physical bodies ready, there’s a change coming!

And when the physical body is ready…

The angelic presence whispered…

It’s in the breath!

I watched as the angelic presence took a slow inhalation and completely dematerialized, then took a slow exhalation and came back into visible form.

Once again, the angelic presence whispered…

It’s in the breath!

Then poof! The angelic presence was gone!

Needless to say, I had no idea what the presence meant by “getting the physical bodies ready,” so I sought out to know!

Over several decades, I traveled the world in search of unanswered questions about the mission I had been assigned. The most enlightening place was the island of Kos in Greece, where Hippocrates taught “food as medicine” to his students.

It was there that the island botanist took me by the hand, walked me through the ruins of the Hippocratic hospital that was surrounded by acres of fruit trees and herb gardens, and taught me the power of nature not only to heal the body, but the mind and soul as well.

He elaborated by telling me that the physicians of Hippocrates’ time simply assisted the sick by teaching them how to heal themselves with fasting and using therapeutic remedies like regenerative plant foods, cleansing herbs, sunlight, water, air, exercise, and treatments such as hot and cold baths and massage. The physician would then simply stand by and observe as nature did its job… to heal the body from the inside out.

Hippocrates’s motto became… DO NO HARM!

What fascinated me the most was to discover that nature produced its own inoculators—berries! He told me that Hippocrates believed that berries were nature’s inoculators and if we ate enough of them during their growing season, we would be immune to most any virus or flu bug. In essence, Hippocrates believed in the power of food to not only heal the body once sick, but to shield us against any outside influence.

His last words for me to always remember were… Drugs harm—nature heals!

From there, I traveled to the island of Patmos, where Saint John recorded the vision that became the end-time book of Revelation. It was there that some of the answers to questions I had been asking for years about the times we’re living in were revealed.

One of the Orthodox priests who lived on the island explained to me that the word apocalypse doesn’t mean “the complete destruction of the world,” as most of us have been taught, but rather the lifting of the veil; to uncover; to reveal that which has been hidden. And to sin doesn’t mean “an offense against the Spirit of all Creation” but rather to forget.

When we forget who and what we truly are—made in the image and likeness of our Creator, we “miss the mark” and fearfully wander around in the wilderness of life until the time of the end—the time when our true self is revealed—the time when the apocalyptic veil lifts—the time when the light shines upon the evils of the world—the time when the final war between good and evil has been won!

We are presently living in those times.

One night, as I was sitting by the Aegean Sea, the light of the moon glistening on the vastness of the blue water, I closed my eyes and sent a heart-felt prayer into the heavens in hopes that the angelic presence could hear me…

So what is the greatest thing we can do to get our physical bodies ready for the shift of the ages?

Seconds later, the angelic presence appeared above me and responded with a profound prophetic message…

You must understand that the immune system is completely connected to the moon cycles.

Im-mune means I’m-moon.

For 21 days the immune system waxes (goes up) and for 7 days it wanes (goes down).

It’s during the 7-day new-moon waning phase that the viscosity of the blood thins, which makes it the perfect time for the physical body to let go of the old so it can shift into the new. Fasting during that time accentuates the process.

The shift of the ages has begun. The time to prepare your physical body is now!

This realization shifted my conscious awareness like nothing before. What a revelation!

I began considering how ancient prophets, such as Moses (c. 1400 BCE) and Daniel (620-538 BCE), fasted as a way to commune with our Creator’s Spirit. Some believe that Moses fasted for 40 days and 40 nights before he met face-to-face on Mount Sinai with the great I AM that I AM.

Daniel, however, used a form of fasting that simply eliminated rich foods and drinks, such as meat and wine. The only foods he ate were plant foods and his only drink was water. Because Daniel’s fasting diet was so clean, his sensitivity to the promptings of our Creator’s Spirit was heightened, and he was given the gift of visions and interpreting dreams.

While living on the island of Patmos for six months, I fasted every month for 7 days during each new-moon phase. One month, I felt so connected to the Spirit of all Creation that I wanted even more. So, I decided to continue my fast and, like Moses, I fasted for 40 days and 40 nights in hopes of being shown what the shift of the ages meant and why we had to get our physical bodies ready.

Sitting in the Cave of the Apocalypse early one morning, the same angelic golden halo of light appeared above me saying…

Close your eyes and observe.

As I closed my eyes I saw…

An earth within the earth—like a universe within the universe. This new earth is emerging. Its waters are holy; streaming through towns and cities. And when we drink of this living water, we never die. For it holds the eternal code of life.

It’s a place without suffering—a place where the tree of life offers us its fruit—a place where the air is celestial; the light eternal; the day without night. It’s a place where people love each other as themselves—a place that could only be called Heaven on Earth.

Our physical bodies must be made ready, for in this vibrant new world, fear and death have lost their hold.

And in the twinkling of an eye, our mortal bodies will become a body of light. The body that once died will now forever live.

Blessed are you who are prepared to enter. Only one question remains… are you ready?

The time has come. The time to prepare our physical bodies for the shift of the ages is now. The 7-Day New Moon Fast is how!

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  • Toni’s knowledge on health and the body is invaluable. I am forever grateful for meeting her and learning the ways for a healthier life in every way!

    – Jenna Dewan, America Actress, Former Model, and Dancer

  • This book is a thoughtful, scientifically researched, journey to improve one’s mind, body and spiritual health. This blend touches on cutting edge science of brain immunology with mindfulness, breathing and dietary techniques. There is positiveness in each page to enrich all aspects of the soul. This insightful journey with Toni Toney teaches how to change one’s life.

    – Dr. Lorne Label, Neurologist

  • This book is powerful! The knowledge of fasting during the seven-day new moon phase is both unique and needed in today’s toxic world. Bless you, Toni Toney, for bringing back the lost knowledge of Luna, the moon of planet Earth, in this most amazing book!

    – Don Tolman, the Real Food Medicine Man

  • This book is not just about some new fad diet. It’s about our original diet as humans and what our diet should be now and in the future. It’s about “you are what you eat” and putting your personal health in the number one spot because without it, no matter what material wealth you have, you have nothing.

    – Smokey Robinson, Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer, and C-Founder of Motown

  • Toni’s unique message of sustainability for our bodies and our planet is literally required in today’s toxic environment. Toni guides us on an in-depth journey of how our physical bodies are interconnected with our world and how we are both suffering from an environmental crisis. Join us today in a revolutionary movement whose time has come!

    David “Avocado” Wolfe, Author, alternative medicine and superfood spokesperson

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