An Invitation to Transform Your Body and Your Planet!

What we have long called disease is nothing more than a series of ecological breakdowns caused by an internal acid rain. Change the food you’re burning for fuel and you’ll not only transform your life, but also the life of your planet. There is no separation. Discover the vast possibilities!

To change the world, we must first change ourselves. The world we see around us is but a mere reflection of something much deeper that’s taking place within us. How we’ve been dishonoring and destroying our planet is how we’ve been dishonoring and destroying ourselves. And while it may appear that we’re separate from our planet, nature, and our Creator, we are not. Separation sickness is our only problem—the only real dis-ease. Heal that and you’ll not only transform yourself, you’ll transform the world!

Learn more in The Ecotarian Revolution Diet book by Toni Toney

The Ecotarian Diet is far more than being a vegan, vegetarian, or raw foodist. It is a sustainable way of eating that supports the ecological balance of our bodies and our planet. As you turn the pages of this book, a new doorway will open where you will be able to see how ecologically interconnected we are with our planet and how our planet’s environmental crisis is but a mere reflection of our body’s environmental crisis. In essence, how we’ve been… read MORE