The principles of proper food combining have been around for a VERY long time! Actually, since the time of Moses!


Yes … MOSES!

The ancient Israelites were actually fully committed ECOTARIANS! Meaning … their diet consisted of mostly fruits and vegetables … all of which there were no proper food combining laws or restrictions!


Because fruits and vegetables are the foods that we were originally created to eat! It was only until after the Flood of Noah that animal food was permitted, but on the condition that blood, which is the seat of the soul, should not be partaken of in any form or fashion. If it was, it was considered to be “unclean!” In fact, the early Hebrews only consumed animal foods on festive occasions, usually in connection with sacrifices.

When I spent time in Israel and ate in a traditional Jewish restaurant, meat was served in one section of the restaurant and dairy was served in another. The mixing of the two, including the use of plates and utensils, was completed prohibited! They were wise enough to know that if these two “forbidden foods” were ever combined, an eventual health hazard would ensue.

Today, proper food combining has become an embraced healthful philosophy! Not so much in the ancient Israelite sense, but in ways that do help create a healthy internal environment if meat is ever consumed!

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Wow! I really enjoyed sharing this video with you! The bottom line is this! If you’ve said YES to the Ecotarian Diet and your foods are mostly fruits and vegetables, then proper food combining principles do not apply to you! Eat as much as you want, as often as you want!


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