Before I cover Tip #8 in full detail, I just wanted to give you my Thanksgiving Day Menu!

My Thanksgiving Menu starts the moment I wake up!

That’s right! According to Nature’s Circadian Rhythms, from 4AM until noon we’re in what’s called the Elimination Cycle. That means, our cells are releasing, cleansing, and eliminating metabolic waste. The great news is…fruits are cleansing, eliminating foods.

Therefore, I’ll start my Thanksgiving Day when I wake up with 16 ounces of water infused with lots of fresh pomegranate seeds. That’s right!

Instead of infusing my water with lemon juice like most everyone else in the health field, since it’s Thanksgiving Day and pomegranates are in season and have soooooo many extraordinary phytonutrient cleansing, healing properties, this is way I’ll start my day!

It’s easy too!

All you do is to cut your pomegranate in half, squeeze it like you would a lemon into your 16 ounce glass of water using seeds and all and Walla’!!! Pomegranate Water! A few hours later, I’ll most likely make myself a really simple Pomegranate Smoothie made with organic orange juice, pomegranate juice and seeds, berries in season, and blended to perfection!

Then, when noontime rolls around, we’re in what’s called the Consumption Cycle. That means, your cells are ready to eat! At my house on Thanksgiving Day, it’s TEMPEH TURKEY time! Yes … I’m a Vegan, mostly raw, Ecotarian! So the center of my table will be Tempeh Turkey surrounded by cornbread stuffing, mash potatoes, gravy, steamed and raw veggies, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie!

So on Thanksgiving Day, you can eat to your heart’s content until 8PM when nature moves into the Assimilation Cycle. That means, your body is digesting and assimilating the foods you’ve consumed during the consumption cycle. This cycle ends at 4AM the next morning when it once again enters the Elimination Cycle.

To learn more about Nature’s Rhythms and how following these cycles can help you achieve health beyond belief …

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Okay … you caught me! I made this video for you a few months ago, along with my other Top Ten Tips, when it was summertime, not autumn!

I included a list of beautiful Autumn foods on my last tip which you can see here.

So now that you’ve watched this video on the importance of Eat According to Nature’s Circadian Rhythms, I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave a comment below.

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